Friday, April 1

Won't This Guy Stop Predicting Already?

Individual Award Predictions

NL Cy Young - Roy Halladay
AL Cy Young - Jon Lester
NL MVP - Chipper Jones**
AL MVP - Adrian Gonzalez
NL Rookie of the Year - Aroldis Chapman
AL Rookie of the Year - Jeremy Hellickson

**I know the Chipper pick seems nuts, but I really like Atlanta's lineup and Larry looks like he is back in prime shape at the plate. He was crushing pitchers mistakes in spring training and flipping bad pitches over shortstops heads for base hits as well. Chipper may hit about .325 this year and drive in anywhere from 80-100 runs which could carry the Braves to a division title despite the mighty Phillies rotation. To be realistic, a guy like Heyward or McCann should get MVP chatter as the driving force in this lineup, but a dark horse to consider is Martin Prado.


  1. Is the Chipper thing a for real prediction?

  2. Yes and no... I think he will be the NL comeback player of the year but it will realistically be Heyward, McCann or Martin Prado (dark horse) who gets serious MVP hype for being the heart of a braves lineup that will be solid this year.